Opal Triplets

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Opal Triplets are made the same way as opal doublets but they have a clear domed cap cemented to their face. The opal used in a triplet is usually a piece of top quality 100% natural gem opal from the ground.

The hardness of the cap used may vary from glass, quartz to onyx, depending on the quality of the opal; this cap protects the precious opal and magnifies the intensity of color and pattern greatly enhancing the overall appearance of the gem.

Because the opal triplet comprises of three pieces the solid backing for strength and a hard cabochon dome cap to protect the piece of top quality precious opal from being knocked and cracked when warn, making it better suited for jewelry such as rings.


Whereas solid opal has not been added to or treated in any way other than by cutting and polishing, triplets and doublets are a combination of natural opals and artificial veneers.

Opal Triplet, Opal Doublet, Opal, Boulder Opal Triplet, Boulder Opal Doublet

A triplet opal is a thin veneer of precious light opal bonded to a black backing with a protective crystal dome glued to the top.

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