Opal Doublets

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The majority of the opal doublets are made from top quality natural opal that has been detached from the host rock then cemented onto a natural dark stone backing to enhance the color most often onto a piece of natural boulder opal.

Because natural opal is a soft gemstone the natural boulder opal base gives the top quality slice of opal a protective base which gives it extra strength so that the opal can be used for jewelry.

The majority of opal doublets are not calibrated like opal triplets therefore they do not fit standard manufactured settings, so each piece has to have a handmade setting greatly adding to the expense of the piece of jewelry. It is possible to purchase calibrated doublets but they are usually much more expensive.


Opal Doublet, Opal Doublets, Opal Triplets, Boulder Opal Doublets

A doublet opal is a layer of precious light opal bonded to a black backing, simulating black opal. Doublets are usually more expensive than opal triplets because more opal is used.

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